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Recommend hotels are:

  • Holiday Inn, 3411 Iowa Street, Lawrence KS
  • Country Inn and Suites, 2176 E 23rd Street, Lawrence KS

Hope to see you all in just a couple of weeks!!!! Looking to be an awesome event!

Join Nautiwater Racing in bringing Jet Ski racing back to Clinton Lake.

On July 14th and 15th, 2022, racers will descend on Clinton Lake for some intense jet ski racing. Registration will be open Saturday Morning and Sunday Morning before racing begins. Racing start times are still to be determined but will begin mid-morning and continue into the late evening. The races will be held at Clinton Lake’s Boat Ramp 1. Boat Ramp 1 is located near the Clinton Lake Marina, 1329 E 800 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66049.

Entry into the park is $5 per day or is included if you have a Kansas State Park annual pass. Spectators are encouraged to visit with the racers and walk the pit area which provides an up-close experience into the racing activities.

What is Jet Ski racing? For the races, racers will be divided upon the type of Jet Ski they ride and their riding abilities. The ProJet Ski riders will travel approximately 70mph on a Stand-Up Jet Ski and between 80-90mph on a Sit-Down Jet ski. The racers will travel around a track consisting of twists, turns, and Stand-Up jet skis will have to navigate over a long jump. The racing is open to ALL skill levels. Beginner racers will be placed with other beginner racers, so if you are interested in racing a Jet Ski comes to give it a shot. Please contact Nate Haig if interested in coming out and racing.

Seating: The park is not equipped with any bleachers or seating area. There will be an area in the parking lot blocked off so spectators can bring their own seating and be able to see the lake. Located around the racing area will be spotted along the shoreline for people to sit. If feeling adventurous, individuals are welcome to park boats surrounding the racecourse. Spectators can view the racecourse from the boat while being able to cool off in the water at any time.

Food/Beverage: KB Smokehouse will bring a food truck to the race site where delicious BBQ can be purchased. If for some odd reason, BBQ is not hitting the taste buds, bringing your own food is allowed. KB Smokehouse will provide non-alcoholic beverages for purchase. Individuals are encouraged to bring their own coolers with any type of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage they prefer. Please remember no glass inside the parking area.

Parking: Unfortunately to keep everything safe, parking in the parking lot of Boat Ramp 1 will be blocked off to individuals participating in the racing. Parking around the marina will be the closest parking available for spectators. For individuals parking in the race area, please be cautious of your equipment. If the weather is hot, the asphalt will sink and damage the parking lot and possibly your equipment.

For the upcoming race @ Clinton Lake in Lawrence, KS we have been asked to inform anyone bringing a trailer, enclosed trailer, toy hauler, or RV to the site that… they MUST USE LARGE PLATES UNDER THEIR TRAILER JACKS!!!

The last time we used the parking lot several holes, from heavy jacks, were punched in the asphalt parking lot. If we want to use this location in the future we must ensure that this damage does not happen again. Racers will be charged for repairing any damage that their rig caused!

Please spread the word.

The State Park offers camping in the area. Please contact them or visit their website (http://ksoutdoors.com/State-Parks/Locations/Clinton) for further details surrounding camping.

If you have any questions send us a message! Hope to see you at the races soon!

Racing will be at Clinton Lake in Lawrence KS. It’s been around 5 years since jet ski racing was hosted at Clinton Lake, so bring the family and come enjoy the weekend.