Entry Fees:

  • $80 per class
  • $105 per payout class (if the class is available); 50% goes to the award of the $105


Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for any class with at least two entries. (No awards will be given for single-entry classes except if it is a Junior or Beginner Class)

2017 included Riverfest in Wichita, Fremont Lake in Nebraska; Pomona Lake in Kansas; and a joint venture at Keystone Lake in Oklahoma.  We had wonderful racers and saw several new faces this year.  From returning vets to new juniors.  There’s a class for everyone with Nautiwater Racing.

We are always looking for possible locations to host our tour. If you have a location interested in hosting a tour date for 2018 or 2019, or if anyone has a location in mind or any ideas, please email me at nautiwater@live.com.

We are also looking for anyone that wants to be part of the NautiWater Event Staff. In addition, there are still sponsorships available at all levels. If you want to sponsor a race or know of a business that will make a good sponsor, contact me. I’ll provide the material and information.

Please email us with your thoughts or comments: nautiwater@live.com