Entry Fees:

  • $80 per class
  • $105 per payout class; 50% goes to year end pay ou


WEEKEND AWARDS will be based on the weekend 4 motto scoring

awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. This will be based on the total points for both rounds. ( in case of tie, we will use motto win)We will be using the IJSBA two mottos scoring for each round. ( 60,53,48,43,39,36,33,30,27,24,22,20,18,ect) add the position of both mottos to determine the rounds placements. Pro-am Ski GP will be running a 3 motto scoring for each round. This class will be the first race to run each Round and the other 2 mottos through out the day.Rounds 16 will be a double point Round.

CROWNING OF 2023 JETTRIBE MID-AMERICAN WATER X CHAMPIONTo determine this year Champions we will take the individuals top 4 round wins to the final two rounds. And race the final two round adding 6 rounds to determine the champion, In additional to the placement points you will receive points (show up points) for every round that you complete at least one lap in that also carries over to the championship weekend. All show up points count for title. (For example if your top four places are first place and you went to every round (1-10) you would have a total of 262 points.) Shows up points are only used to determine the tour champion not round wins. SHOW UP POINTSRd 1 2ptRd 2 2pt Rd 3 3ptRd 4 3ptRd 5 2ptRd 6 2ptRd 7 2ptRd 8 2ptRd 9 2ptRd 10 2pt Rd 11 2ptsRd 12 2ptsRd 13 2ptsRd 14 2ptsRd 15,16 no points awarded (round 16 will be double points)

JETTRIBE USA CENTRAL NATIONALSThe JETTRIBE MID-AMERICAN WATER X CHAMPIONSHIP will run concurrent with the JETTRIBE USA CENTRAL NATIONALS making this a 4 day event (Minisu). Racers will be able to register for either event separately or there will be registration that will combine both events for a discount. 7 MOTTOS 4 DAYS 2 TITLES 1 LOW FEE!! The JETTRIBE RACING USA CENTRAL NATIONALS (August 5, 6) will be scored using the IJSBA 3 motto scoring


2023 schedule 

Rounds 1 and 2 in Orange TX, March 17,18 Rounds 3 and 4 in Lake Barkley KY, May 6,7 Rounds 5 and 6 in Hillsdale Lake Ks, May 20,21 Rounds 7 and 8 in Paris TX, June 3,4 Jr Nationals OKC, June 8,9,10 Rounds 9 and 10 in keystone lake OK, June 24,25Rounds 11 and 12 in Madisonville TX, July 8,9Rounds 13 and 14 in Lawrence Ks, July 22,23Rounds 15 and 16 (Finals) in Tx August 3,4USA Central Nationals in Tx August 5,6