Is It OK To Beach A Jet Ski?


Is It OK To Beach A Jet Ski?

Yes, it is generally okay to beach a jet ski (personal watercraft), but there are considerations to remember to ensure you do so safely and responsibly…

Tips for Beaching a Jet Ski

  • Choose a Suitable Beach
    • Look for a sandy beach area that is free of rocks, debris, and other hazards that could damage the jet ski or pose safety risks.
  • Approach Slowly
    • Approach the beach at a slow speed to avoid causing excessive wake or damage to the shoreline.
  • Use a Beach Dolly or Mat
    • If available, use a beach dolly or mat designed for jet skis to help protect the hull and make it easier to maneuver the jet ski onto the beach.
  • Be Mindful of Depth
    • Be aware of the water depth near the beach. Avoid grounding the jet ski in shallow water, which could damage the pump or intake.
  • Secure the Jet Ski
    • Once beached, anchor the jet ski securely to prevent it from drifting away with the tide or waves.
  • Check Local Regulations
    • Some beaches or areas may have specific rules or restrictions regarding beaching watercraft. Always check local regulations or ask local authorities if you are unsure.


  • Environmental Impact – Be mindful of any environmental regulations or protected areas where beaching may be restricted to prevent damage to fragile ecosystems.
  • Tide and Waves – Be cautious of changing tide levels and waves, which can affect the stability and security of the jet ski when beached.
  • Launching and Retrieving – When ready to leave, carefully launch the jet ski back into the water to avoid damage to the hull and ensure a smooth departure.

Beaching a jet ski can be done safely and responsibly by choosing a suitable beach, approaching slowly, using proper equipment if available, and being mindful of local regulations and environmental considerations. By following these tips, you can enjoy beaching your jet ski without causing harm to the environment or your watercraft.