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JETTRIBE USA , Title sponsor for the USA WaterX Series of Champions

Nauti Water Racing

🚨PRESS Release 🚨

Jettribe USA to become Title Sponsor For the USA Jettribe WaterX Series of Champions

Nauti Water Racing is excited to announce that JETTRIBE, the worldwide industry leader, will be the title sponsor of the newly named, “USA JETTRIBE Watercross Series of Champions” for the upcoming 2024 race season. We are thrilled once again to have the opportunity to work with JETTRIBE to continue to grow the sport of jetski racing. This series is a combination of the Lake Havasu Watercross Series, the Mid-America Watercross Series, and the Texas Lonestar Watercross Series. We are grateful for JETTRIBE’s ongoing support and contributions to jetski racing and for making this race organization a recognized leader in the sport.

Thank you!