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Electric PWC Craft

With all the panic and money to be made surrounding climate, change more developers are turning toward zero emissions vehicles, and that includes PWC. Electric Hydrofoils are all the rage now and some odd designs are coming to fruition.

Hydrofoils are lighter than the typical battery-operated jet ski, thus the gravitation toward them. They offer more ride time, too. A jet ski designed with hydrofoils has a lot let less drag due the foils lifting the ski above the waterline. It also uses less energy and is more efficient than a standard battery-operated jet ski.

Pelagion’s battery powered HydroBlade uses a hydrofoil, which not only minimizes drag, but it also allows the electric drivetime to run longer and at higher speeds. Mark Zuckerberg helped the HydroBlade gain notoriety when he was filmed riding one of Pelagion’s prototype models.

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