Fremont Nebraska July 15 & 16 2017

Watercross Championship

Come Race the beautiful sandy beach of Fremont State Lake Recreation Area Lake #20 in Fremont, Nebraska

July 15th & 16th, 2017.

Racing will be at Lake #20 Saturday & Sunday.  There is a daily pass available at the entrance gate. This is Round 2 of the 3…2…1…Kawasaki Watercross Tour.  Event sponsors for this round are Leisure Life Sports and Swanson Racing

Awards ceremony will be held on Sunday at the  completeion of the event at the on site Victory Lake Bar and Grill.  Victory Lake Bar and Grill will also deliver orders to the race site, please be kind and thank their staff for offering this convenience. Menu will be available at the registration table.

Registration is available on site each morning of the event. Come race both days or just one, whatever fits your schedule.  We support all IJSBA classes and follow the IJSBA rules.  If you have questions regarding what class you qualify for please contact us or go to for clarification.

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